Value dossiers and supporting tools

Consolidating the value-based evidence to support payer interactions is a key step in any market access plan. We have been developing value dossiers for over 20 years and have been at the forefront of evolving these essential documents from large HEOR-driven reports to the more streamlined, commercially focused and easily navigable documents preferred by many of our current clients today.

We recognise that the specific needs for the value dossier will vary by product and indication and will evolve with each life-cycle stage, but we achieve the most effective value communication by always ensuring our value dossiers are consistent, concise, clear, easy to navigate, and therefore easily accessible by all local and cross-functional teams.

Flexible dossier framework to ensure leverage of available content and targeted to business needs

Support for global, core and AMCP dossiers

Full alignment with the payer value proposition and flexibility to support country-specific access needs

Interactivity to support navigation and selection of relevant value-based content

Digital roll-out of the value dossier

If you’re looking for a digital solution to facilitate tailoring of the value dossier by affiliates and provide instant updates, talk to us about our e-v@luate™ suite of tools.

Our e-v@luate EVIDENCE™ platform is our web-based, interactive evidence platform which allows tailoring of evidence and value messages with targeted searching and retrieval of data to meet specific regional and local affiliate needs – all without needing to review lengthy reports. It has been successfully implemented by many of our clients as a customised central platform, providing a single point of access to the dossier content and other evidence. The platform offers quick access to value-based evidence for each user’s needs, with efficient update processes to ensure the latest evidence is always accessible.

Interrogate your value evidence base

Bespoke report and slide deck generator, relevant by country

Rapid access to complex or extensive information

Easy to use and update, saves time and resources recreating extensive documents

Usage analytics are available through e-v@luate metrics

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Portfolio approach to value dossier development and communication

Value Insight & Communiction

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