Supporting World Earth Day by pledging to help reduce plastic pollution

The team at Adelphi Values | PROVE has been getting involved in environmentally-friendly initiatives in honour of World Earth Day which took place on Sunday 22nd April 2018.

Earth Day Network, the organisation behind World Earth Day, has chosen the theme ‘End Plastic Pollution’ for 2018.  Plastic pollution is one of the most important global problems that we face today, impacting the environment, our oceans, animal life, and our health and well-being through the resultant presence of plastic particles in our food.

As part of a global effort to reduce the use of plastics (primarily single-use plastics) and encourage increased recycling, our team implemented a range of initiatives including reducing our use of plastic cups and packaging, avoiding disposable plastic wherever possible, and other environmentally-friendly challenges.  Together we can all make a difference and help protect our Earth.

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