Our @-Delphi SENSUS toolbox

Market access challenges can take a wide variety of forms, from a lack of consistent evidence being challenged by stakeholders, a struggle to gain consensus and to needing additional insight to tailor your value proposition

We have developed a Delphi toolbox of solutions (techniques) as a comprehensive and targeted way of addressing these challenges and meeting your value evidence needs.  With tried and tested methodologies, we can build customised approaches targeted to your specific research requirements, applying learnings and modifying the Delphi approach where needed, in order to provide an innovative and all-inclusive research solution.

  • A fully customised mixed-method approach based on your specific requirements
  • Option for research methodologies to be carried out remotely, adding flexibility and avoiding any issues with travel restrictions
  • Potential for a large field to be involved in the research, including the chance to add experts who were not included previously
  • Efficient timeframes and high productivity
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