In today’s digital age we all expect to find the information we need at the touch of a button, whilst ensuring scientific rigour and robustness of data. So, why use inefficient paper systems involving large dossiers, written reports and multiple data repositories for presenting and sharing evidence?

This is why we developed e-v@luate™ – a suite of tools tailored to help fully optimise your market access activities and ensure the full value of your product is communicated.

e-v@luate EVIDENCE™

The e-v@luate EVIDENCE™ digital platform is a web-based, interactive, digital evidence platform which allows tailoring of evidence and value messages, targeted searching and retrieval of data to meet specific regional and local affiliate needs, without needing to review lengthy reports.

  • Interrogate your value evidence base
  • Bespoke report generator, relevant by country
  • Rapid access to complex or extensive information
  • Easy to use and update, saves time and resource recreating extensive documents
  • Usage analytics are available through e-v@luate metrics

e-v@luate IMPACT™

A seamless, user-friendly tool to visualise health economic information and communicate the economic value of your product, providing innovative data visualisation fully aligned with the payer value proposition. A web-based and tablet-friendly solution with focused content relevant to the specific payer audience, it contains integrated usage tracking statistics and is a user-friendly way to highlight the economic value of your product.

Click here for a demonstration of our digital budget impact model tool


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