Budget impact models

Healthcare payer budgets are limited and under constant pressure from ever increasing demand and spiralling treatment costs. Payers are therefore increasingly looking to budget impact models to evaluate the financial impact of adding new pharmaceutical products to their formularies. In addition, budget impact models are increasingly being utilised at the regional and local level to inform decision making for access to medicines for specific local patient populations.

We have carried out a large number of budget impact analyses to support national and local payer submissions. Our models are designed to be fully functional, user friendly and interactive, for optimal impact with a specific target payer audience at the local health economy level. We also have experience of developing budget models appropriate to different countries and healthcare systems and of adapting models to a variety of situations, including the USA, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico, Thailand and the Philippines.

In addition to the development of budget impact models with a user-friendly interface in Excel or R, we can also develop digital solutions for iPad or tablet usage. By designing the user interface of the model upfront, we are able to tailor the specification to the needs of the client and include design features and user inputs as required.

If you want a digital solution that you can easily and instantly adapt to payer environment, read more about our
e-v@luate IMPACT solution.

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