COA literature and instrument review

Literature and critical instrument reviews are both central components to the development and selection of COAs for inclusion in studies. The Adelphi Values Patient-Centered Outcomes team have vast experience performing all types of COA literature and instrument reviews to meet a range of purposes, including:

  • Reviews of qualitative evidence to support disease/conceptual model development and initial selection of instruments
  • Instrument reviews in which relevant instruments are identified and critically evaluated
  • Gap analysis involving mapping existing instruments against a conceptual model or target product profile
  • Systematic reviews of COA data – for example, to understand the evidence regarding ability to detect change over time for a given COA.

In the past 5 years we have conducted over 80 COA literature reviews, of which over 50 were instrument reviews specifically focused on identification and review of COA instruments.

We possess the flexibility of thinking to ensure any review is ‘fit for purpose’, and tailored to fit the client’s goals while meeting budget and timeline requirements.  Scope can vary from being ‘targeted’ through to comprehensive, ‘systematic’ reviews.


Relevant publications

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