Payer, pricing & reimbursement

Stakeholder insights and willingness to pay

Garnering stakeholder insight provides a fundamental input to any access, value and evidence strategy, and as such is important to achieve through a credible and efficient process. Our experience in key expert advisory panels and qualitative interviews with stakeholders from all perspectives allows us to build a stakeholder insight plan that is tailored to your needs.

Understanding the patient and payer willingness to pay is paramount as part of the launch planning and evidence generation plan for a product. Whether this is through early qualitative research or quantitative discrete choice experiments, our team can support you in understanding factors and attributes driving willingness to pay for new therapies.

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@-Delphi SENSUS™

With the expanding breadth of medical research, especially in rare diseases, the need to address gaps in the evidence generation plan often requires innovative approaches to help support a robust value proposition. Challenges along the way often include:

External stakeholders challenging the current evidence for your value proposition

Lack of consistent and robust published evidence

A need for expert insight / consensus to support and tailor your value proposition

Our @-Delphi SENSUS™ toolbox delivers a fully customised approach with mixed-method Delphi-based research designed to meet each specific challenge. We apply our expertise and experience to design a modified Delphi consensus process specific to each project, providing our clients with tailored innovative research solutions to address the challenges faced.

Option for online research, adding flexibility and avoiding any issues with travel restrictions

Capacity for large field research

Resulting in efficient timeframes and high productivity

Previous projects have addressed evidence gaps such as:

Informing market access strategy

Estimating direct healthcare costs and healthcare resource utilisation

Informing a European immunisation programme assessment in pediatrics

Informing caregiver impact, guideline development and treatment use

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Payer archetype and mapping

The payer landscape is evolving. Defining who the payer is, key drivers underpinning their needs and how they make their decisions has never been more critical. In an ever-changing healthcare environment, the need to prove value for money remains a key focus for payers and reimbursement decision makers. Simultaneously, over the last decade we have seen complex interactive networks of local, regional and national payers emerge and grow in power.

We take a holistic approach to developing and communicating value to payers. As experts in value and with in-depth knowledge of your stakeholders, we understand the global market access environment and have the experience and knowledge of what is important to different payers. Our expert team can partner with you to navigate the complex and evolving payer, pricing and reimbursement landscape to optimise access and commercialization through mapping the payer landscape, understanding value drivers and evidence requirements by payer archetype to inform your payer and market access strategy.

The Adelphi Values PROVE™ team has an extensive, global network of payers and local experts through which we can access respondents at national, regional or local levels as required. Using a range of well-established qualitative, semi-structured and quantitative methodologies, we gain the relevant payer perspectives in an effective and sympathetic way.

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Rapid payer assessments and due diligence support

We understand that acquisition is an important driver of business development growth for our clients and a key part of any due diligence is to understand the value of a potential new product from the perspective of payers and other key decision makers. Often this needs to be completed in a very acute timeline, so rapid payer assessments present an important service offering:

Modular facilitation for rapid build of interview structure

Access to a global network of payers and other key decision-makers to ensure multi-perspective insights

Thematic interpretation supporting rapid assimilation of insights for final reporting

Concise and impactful presentation to fully support due diligence processes

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