Understanding payer value perceptions


The need to prove value for money in healthcare remains a key focus for payers and reimbursement decision makers.  Changing regulations, processes and reforms along with a shifting of power in the markets have combined to change the game for pricing and raise the hurdles to market access.

With a ‘one-size fits all’ approach no longer being appropriate in healthcare, it has never been more critical to work towards optimising reimbursement and patient access.  Complex interactive networks of local, regional and national payers heavily overlap with clinical experts, influencing and making key decisions on the use of new and existing medicines.

Adelphi Values, in association with PMGroup, have developed the webinar below where we focus on value evidence considerations by payer archetypes and look at future considerations for defining value to meet national, regional and local payer needs.

Jennifer Cook, Director, Value Insight & Communication at Adelphi Values, leads the webinar and is joined by Mark Wilkinson, Director of Strategic and Organisational Development at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust.

This webinar is useful for professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry including senior market access, pricing and reimbursement, marketing, health economics and outcomes research, value evidence & communication leaders and those involved in commercial aspects of the drug development process.

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