Taking the ‘burden’ out of caregiver burden

In an article published by Pharmaphorum, Sarah and Laura from Adelphi Values discuss how more and more people are becoming informal caregivers due to ageing populations and the increase in chronic medical conditions. They suggest that when new treatments are developed, this should be reflected by regulators taking into account the value that these treatments bring to carers as well as to the patients.

This article provides an overview of the positive outcomes for patients that can arise from new medical developments and treatments, while also discussing the effect this can have on the patients’ level of support and care needed. In addition, they consider the trend towards a more sedentary lifestyle and how this can lead to earlier onset of chronic and disabling conditions – inevitably leading towards a growing need for caregivers.

They go on to review the benefit of conducting research with caregivers, define the role of caregivers and how many there currently are, and conclude the article with an outline of challenges to overcome.

For further details of the full article, please go to: http://www.pharmaphorum.com/articles/taking-the-burden-out-of-caregiver-burden

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