Structured objection handler to inform responses to payer queries

A response framework for affiliates to manage and address common payer concerns and questions


The challenge

Our client was launching their product in a new disease area and wished to provide valuable support and guidance to affiliates in managing common payer concerns and questions.

They wanted an internal document to provide concise, coherent and convincing responses to potential questions. This required an understanding of the existing scientific, humanistic and economic evidence, as well as knowledge of the payer landscape.

The solution

We designed an objection handler to identify relevant questions and responses on key topics and in relation to a specific patient population. These queries and responses were aligned with the value messages that the client wished to present.

Information was critically analysed from various robust sources against strategic criteria and findings were provided via a written report, presented in such a way as to facilitate internal communication.

Key results

We identified various potential queries from the existing literature, including:

  • Outcomes in specific sub-populations.
  • Clinical benefits of the intervention.
  • Cost implications of the intervention.

The creation of an objection handler enabled the client to engage payers in conversation, allowing them to present the core rationale for their product in a succinct and supported way.

Value to the client

Provision of the objection handler in a comprehensive and accessible format gave our client a clear understanding of the potential responses and pushback to their product.

Recognition of the common payer concerns enabled the client and affiliates to successfully manage reimbursement queries and provided a useful resource for future use.

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