Publication planning to communicate patient-reported burden of disease

Defining and communicating the patient-reported clinical, humanistic and economic burden of disease across 10 European countries


The challenge

Our client had conducted a study across 10 European countries including over 4,000 patients. The study collected patient-reported symptoms, perceived impact of the disease on daily life, indirect costs of the disease and insight on interactions with physicians. In order to communicate the patient-reported burden of disease in a clear and impactful way, our client required a comprehensive publication plan covering different countries.

The solution

We reviewed the initial data analysis outputs to group key findings and themes to identify research questions for publications. At this stage, all authors and key opinion leaders (KOLs) were involved to agree on the direction of publications. Posters and publications were prepared with full author involvement and review throughout.

Key results

Through the publication plan and high quality medical writing, we:

  • Successfully published an overarching manuscript providing cross-country comparison of findings.
  • Developed an interactive presentation consolidating the results across countries for internal communication.
  • Successfully published 7 manuscripts in local journals for each country in the study.
  • Had 8 posters presented at international conferences to communicate sub-sections and the overall study results.

Value to the client

As result of the publications, our client was able to communicate the burden of disease to a wide-range of stakeholders at the local and European level through evidence-based patient-reported insights.

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