‘Market access’ or just a new way of thinking about value?

Bruce Charlesworth writes for Pharmaphorum about how in today’s value-based healthcare environment, it’s important to take an integrated, multi-perspective approach to value demonstration.

Bruce starts the article by considering what the following have in common: The choice to advance or kill a molecule in development, a split-second prescribing preference, the selection of products for reimbursement, and the option a patient has whether to take a medicine or not. One answer he suggests is that they’re all potentially life-changing decisions. In a complex world of conflicting priorities across clinical development, HEOR, HTA’s, payers, policy makers, commercial realities, regulations, mergers, and functional silos it’s often easy to forget that simple fact. Decisions in healthcare change lives – so too then does the information used to inform them.

He goes on to consider what value in healthcare looks like, considers the attributes of best practice, and when it should be integrated into the product development process, before considering the barriers to his proposed approach.

The conclusions are based on his experience, having built his career at the clinical-commercial interface as a medic interested in bringing healthcare products to the market, and reflecting on the importance of taking a multi perspective approach, not sitting in silos of regulatory clinical or commercial teams.

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