Influenza vaccines

  • Economic value dossiers for influenza vaccines in a) an unprimed paediatric population and b) a primed school age population (intranasal delivery) including literature review, gap analysis and recommendations
  • Communications package for an influenza vaccine
  • Communication of the economics of an influenza vaccine
  • Two manuscripts on an influenza vaccine for patients at risk and patients over 65 years old in France
  • Review of influenza vaccine uptake data
  • Updating an economic model of influenza vaccination (phase 1) – update of a model in patients aged over 65 years in France and the UK
  • Economic evaluation of a workplace influenza vaccination in Russia
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of an influenza vaccine
  • Adaptation of a cost effectiveness model for an influenza vaccine for Germany, Austria and Mexico
  • Conference poster on the cost effectiveness of adjuvant influenza vaccination in France
  • Adaptation of an influenza vaccine model to Belgium
  • Regulatory support for the validation of a questionnaire for influenza vaccination

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