Communicating product value to a local payer audience

Defining and communicating the economic value of a product through a cost analysis and development of external publications


The challenge

Our client had a potentially cost-saving alternative to the current standard of care, however needed evidence to support this value that would stand up to scrutiny by a range of stakeholders, including payers.

The solution

We developed a robust cost analysis that clearly communicated the cost-saving nature of the new product in the UK but which could be easily understood by non-technical audiences. We designed the analysis to provide results in the context of local level decision-making and therefore estimated the total budget impact of the treatment to the NHS.

Recent changes in the structure of the healthcare system in England meant that commissioning decisions were made at the local level, therefore we included a supplementary analysis to demonstrate the budget impact for an average-sized clinical commissioning group (CCG) in England.

We also conducted several exploratory scenario analyses e.g. with varying rates of uptake of the treatment.

Key results

Following a critical review and refinement of the cost analysis, we planned and developed publications which would be relevant and effective in communicating the economic value of the product.

Our expertise in the development of external communications allowed us to successfully target journals and conferences which would be suitable for publication and which would reach the desired payer audiences.

Value to the client

External publication of the cost analysis results maximised the external reach and provided a citable reference to support effective communication of the economic value of the product to payers.

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