Commercial positioning of a portfolio of products within the same indication

Value story and global value dossier development to ensure clarity of global strategy and positioning for affiliates


The challenge

Our client was launching a new addition to their portfolio of products within one therapy area. As the patent for their original product was due to expire, our client wanted to commercially position the new product and formulation as the first line treatment over their existing, well-established products – however, in a number of markets, it was expected that the existing products would still be the treatment of choice.

An update to the current core value dossier was requested, with the aim to support affiliates with reimbursement submissions and to align the value story across the portfolio globally, to ensure consistent communication and product positioning.

The solution

Our solution was to provide strategic guidance on the commercial positioning of the products within specific target populations and to communicate the value of the new product within the context of the portfolio.

This approach included:

  • Consolidating results from an internal value workshop to develop an evidence-based value proposition for the new product.
  • Updating the current core value dossier to include new data for the entire portfolio of products.
  • Development of a value slide deck to communicate the value story across the product portfolio.

Key results

A core value dossier was written to act as a central document to ensure the evidence base and value of the product portfolio were communicated consistently amongst all global affiliates in a clear and concise manner. The targeted payer messages provided the basis to support reimbursement submissions and negotiations, clearly differentiating the new product from the existing products.

Value to the client

We provided the client with a core value dossier to support easy navigation and present the pivotal evidence in a structured, modular format that could be easily accessed, interrogated and disseminated.

Affiliates had clear guidance on the appropriate value story, not only for each product but also for each payer archetype, making the value dossier a truly valuable deliverable.

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