Publication summaries to support payer negotiations

Summarising value evidence to assist in external communications with payers: making the most of the data


The challenge

Our client had identified a number of key publications which could support reimbursement of, and continued uptake of, their product across global markets. Due to the complexity of the data within the publications and therefore the reluctance to use the data by the country-level teams, our client required guidance on how to communicate the key value messages to payers.

The solution

Our solution was to review the available evidence and develop publication summaries including:

  • A concise summary of the methodology and relevant results with accompanying explanatory text, focusing on the payer‑relevant endpoints and outcomes.
  • Development of a key value message based on the data presented.
  • Positioning of the value message in the wider context of the value story for the product.
  • A ‘mini’ objection handler based on the publication, comprising two or three potential objections from payers on the use of the data and the resulting value message, rationale for the objections and a detailed evidence base to support the response.

Key results

We delivered a number of publication summaries in slide and report format, ensuring all team members were aware of the most up‑to-date evidence base for the product.

Value to the client

Provision of data from key publications in an accessible and useable format, and identifying and highlighting the ‘payer relevance’ of the data gave our client and their local teams a clear understanding of the evidence to assist in payer negotiations.