Budget impact model to support the launch of a novel psoriasis treatment

Development of an interactive health economic tool to facilitate local payer interactions


The challenge

Our client required an interactive budget impact model for discussions with local payers to support the launch of a novel formulation for the treatment of psoriasis.

The model was required to demonstrate the budget impact of the treatment succinctly to a non-technical payer audience, in a manner that was specific to their CCG or health board.

It also needed the flexibility to represent differences in local policy and prescribing patterns across the entire UK, rather than specifically focusing on England.

The solution

We developed a user-friendly, interactive tool to allow users to demonstrate the potential cost savings from prevention of patient progression to more expensive secondary care-led treatments.

In order to facilitate payer understanding, the model was designed in a stepwise fashion with each section becoming visible once the previous section was completed.

Flexibility of the budget impact tool enabled the user to view results pertaining to the patient population and current treatment patterns in their particular CCG, or at the level of an individual GP surgery if required.

The model was also adaptable to different UK countries and enabled users to easily customise treatment patterns to reflect local practice – for example selecting particular systemic and biological treatments for patients progressing to secondary care, according to variances in formulary recommendations.

Key results

The model provided clear demonstration of cost-savings associated with the product in a manner which was both understandable by payers and specific to their local health economy.

The sequential layout allowed payers to process detailed information such as the breakdown of costs across various categories and the number of patients prevented from progressing to more expensive secondary care-led treatments, as well as overall cost savings.

Value to the client

The budget impact model was used in conjunction with the corresponding value story in order to secure a successful and timely product launch. The client’s field force was fully trained on these materials to optimise conversations with payers.

The two solutions were used together as part of a comprehensive access strategy in order to first demonstrate the unmet need and clinical value of the product and then to quantify potential cost savings in the payer’s particular region.

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