• Gap analysis of PROs for the use of a drug to grow darker and longer hair on the scalp
  • Conference poster on a gap analysis in alopecia
  • Development and validation of a photographic assessment and symptom measure in alopecia
  • Development of a symptom and impact PRO in alopecia
  • Development of a treatment satisfaction module for alopecia
  • Brief statistical analysis synthesis and interpretation (photo guide) in alopecia
  • Patient interviews for the development of alopecia-related PRO measures
  • Observational psychometric validation study in alopecia
  • Dossier on PRO measures in alopecia
  • PRO dossier for Subject Self-Assessment of Alopecia (SSAA)
  • Observational psychometric testing study in alopecia
  • Single item analysis in alopecia
  • Development of PRO and ClinRO instruments for alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis
  • Review and provide input into the development of a data analysis plan, validation study, drafts and final report of a randomized controlled trial on alopecia medicine
  • Conceptual equivalence testing of alopecia ePROs
  • Cognitive debriefing of the revised Subject Self-Assessment (SSA) and Hair Growth Questionnaire (HGQ) with patients with androgenic alopecia
  • Psychometric analyses and regulatory support in the development of PRO and ClinRO instruments for alopecia areata patchy, universalis and totalis

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