Aligning global reimbursement and market access

Developing a global value access pack to align reimbursement and market access globally


The challenge

Our client’s product was perceived to have equivalent efficacy to the current market leader, with additional benefits in terms of administration, dosing and patient experience. In addition, disease awareness, reimbursement status and access challenges varied across the major geographic markets.

We therefore needed to:

  • Establish the true clinical need.
  • Differentiate from other treatments based on the incremental added benefits of the new treatment.
  • Support reimbursement in new markets.
  • Improve access in existing markets.

The solution

We took the following step-wise approach to build a product value access kit to support our client’s needs:

  • Worked with the country affiliates to conduct an in-depth review of the reimbursement and market access landscape across all markets.
  • Undertook a review of the literature and development of a set of value propositions with supporting evidence that could be tailored to support the varying needs across the markets.
  • Tested the value propositions with external payers in the major markets and refined appropriately.
  • Developed a global value dossier to present the full supporting evidence and expanded value proposition.
  • Developed a cost-consequence and budget impact tool that could be tailored based on local country input data.

Key results

The final value access pack was presented at an internal global meeting where we ran interactive sessions to train the affiliates on how to use each element.

Value to the client

The country affiliates, many of whom were new to market access, effectively utilised the value pack in their countries. Product sales also increased, with a growth in regional access levels.

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