• PRO gap analysis and competitor review in acne vulgaris
  • PRO development in acne vulgaris
  • Concept elicitation interviews in acne vulgaris to reach saturation
  • Observational psychometric validation study in acne vulgaris
  • Single item validation and user’s manual in acne vulgaris
  • Mixed method evaluation of an acne vulgaris measure – racial equivalence in non-Caucasion subjects using existing data
  • Medical writing for development and validation of a PRO in acne vulgaris
  • Clinical outcome assessments in acne scars
  • Literature research and content validation in acne scars
  • Analysis, reporting and patient interviews PRO in acne vulgaris
  • PRO instrument review in acne
  • Content validity testing of and regulatory support for use of the PRE-FACE in acne vulgaris
  • Linguistic validation and translation of the PRE-FACE

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