A creative approach to value story development for an established product

New presentation of existing data: creating an impactful economic value proposition with payer insight at its core


The challenge

With their established oncology drug facing competition for the first time since being approved, our client needed to re-focus efforts on promoting the product in a more niche indication. This change in market access strategy required a full review of the product’s economic value story.

The solution

To establish the available data, we conducted an extensive literature review and supplemented this with desktop research in order to fully understand the treatment patterns and market landscape.
Despite its clinical efficacy, the product was not widely reimbursed across Europe due to its high cost. However, by digging deeper into the data we were able to better define the potential and demonstrate the untapped economic value. Our updated value story included the following elements:

  • New insight into the economic burden of disease, emphasising the clear unmet need.
  • Real world evidence to validate positive clinical trial results.

Updated budget impact calculations to counteract the unfavourable economic HTA analyses.

Key results

Our new value proposition was tested with and well received by payers across five key markets – Argentina, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. Additional insight was incorporated from local and national level payers, culminating in a fresh and up to date value story which resonated with key decision makers.

Value to the client

We provided our client with a different perspective on an old set of data to rejuvenate the brand and allow it to thrive in an alternative indication, despite the threats presented in its traditional therapy area.

Figure 1. Annualised mean net costs of cancer indication in the US

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