A selection of our webinars.

Gaining market access for often-life-changing medical technologies remains challenging. Despite companies striving to improve patient care, many still struggle to gain market access, largely for three main reasons: evidence requirements, the reimbursement landscape and undefined value. Our webinar,  ‘Can Medical Technology Afford Market Access?’, hosted in association… Read More

There is growing momentum and recognition among researchers, regulatory agencies, policy makers and payers towards a more patient-centric approach to health research, including clinical trials. This can be achieved through active engagement and partnering with patients.  Indeed, funding bodies such as the US Patient-Centered Outcomes Institute… Read More

The need to prove value for money in healthcare remains a key focus for payers and reimbursement decision makers.  Changing regulations, processes and reforms along with a shifting of power in the markets have combined to change the game for pricing and raise the hurdles to… Read More