Novartis-sponsored MS PRODiscuss tool

The Adelphi Values Patient-Centered Outcomes team are proud to share the news that the Novartis-sponsored MSProDiscuss™ tool has now gone live on-line ( and is available for MS clinicians to use.  This Clinician-Report discussion tool is available to help MS patients and physicians evaluate and discuss early signs of progression to secondary progressive MS.

Adelphi Values Patient-Centered Outcomes team collaborated closely with Novartis throughout the development and validation of the tool.  Using a mixed-methods approach this extensive programme of research included in-depth concept elicitation interviews with MS patients and expert clinicians in the US and Germany, pilot testing and debriefing of the tool with clinicians and patients, again in the US and Germany, development of a scoring algorithm using ranking and weighting exercises with clinicians and a large validation study to confirm the appropriateness of the scoring algorithm, evaluate the psychometric properties of the tool and establish cut-points using ROC analysis.  The item selection and scoring algorithm was also informed by analysis of variables from the Adelphi Real World MS Disease Specific Programme (DSP™).  All of these activities resulted in a tool that is easy to use and with strong sensitivity and specificity.  The electronic version was developed by Adelphi Communications and can currently be accessed on Neuro-Compass.  Neuro-Compass,, is an independent medical education platform for MS experts developed by international experts in MS.

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