Mapi Values Skillsets Realigned in Support of Client Needs and Growth

Cheshire, UK and Lyon, France – December 14th 2011

The Mapi and Adelphi Groups are pleased to announce a realignment of their Health Outcomes joint venture, Mapi Values. Following 20 years of successful partnership, a change in structure and focus will provide clients with more service clarity, whilst giving both groups improved support and new strategic opportunities.

“Over the last 20 years the Mapi Values alliance has created a best-in-class business in the expanding fields of Health Outcomes and Economics generating meaningful evidence and informed decisions” said Stuart Cooper, CEO of the Adelphi Group. “Indeed, we have been proud to drive the development of a global service offering, frequently working directly with regulatory bodies which have become increasingly important within our industry”, agreed Bernard Jambon, Chairman of the Mapi Group.

The move comes as the services supporting health outcomes are rapidly evolving. The two group heads commented that “Now, more than ever, a focus on core competencies across synergistic disciplines has become the key to delivering optimal value to our customers” and reiterated that “appropriate skills are best positioned to provide the most comprehensive and synergistic approach to service delivery possible”.

It has therefore been decided to align the US and UK based Mapi Values Global PRO, Psychometrics, Statistics, and Value Insight teams within the Adelphi Group, alongside its wider market access, pricing, real-world and communication capabilities. This company will operate under the name Adelphi Values. The Netherlands, US and UK based Clinical & Economic Evidence teams, and the French based PRO / Statistics teams will be aligned within the Mapi Group, operating under the name of Mapi Consultancy. This alignment complements the Mapi Group linguistic validation, late phase studies and market access capabilities.

Clients will continue to receive the same level of quality and value they have come to expect. Each company remains committed to business continuity, and will continue to partner on client engagements as required, in order to deliver industry-leading solutions and services.

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