Health Economics & Data Analysis

Budget impact models and customer facing tools

Healthcare payer budgets are limited and under constant pressure from ever increasing demand and spiralling treatment costs. Payers therefore rely on budget impact modelling to evaluate the financial impact of adding new pharmaceutical products to their formularies, at the national, regional and local levels.

We tailor each model to the specific indication to ensure we capture disease, patient and product-related nuances. Our models are designed to be fully functional, user friendly and interactive, for optimal impact with a specific target payer audience.

Flexible model framework with a user-friendly interface in Excel or

Support for global models and country-level adaptations

Interactivity to support end-user navigation, transparency of calculations and references, and ease of understanding core economic value messages

If you want a digital solution that you can easily and instantly adapt to the payer environment, our e‑v@luate IMPACT™ platform offers a seamless, user-friendly tool to visualise health economic information and communicate the economic value of your product. As a web-based and tablet-friendly solution with focused content relevant to the specific payer audience, it provides a simple interface that is easily adaptable to each customer scenario, thus directly supporting economic discussions in the field to communicate a tailored economic value story for your product.

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Cost-effectiveness models

Cost effectiveness models demonstrate the value of your product and benefits over the existing standard of care and are a key component of submissions to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies, informing discussions with national, regional and local payers.

With a strong in-house team of health economists, we develop cost-effectiveness analyses from evidence generation (including statistical analysis, evidence synthesis and utility data generation) through to model interpretation for HTA submission, across a wide range of therapy areas from oncology through to rare diseases. Out team can support you with:

Evidence needs assessment and design of model framework

Provision of advice and recommendations regarding appropriate model structures for the indication of interest

Selecting early modelling approaches to gain insight into potential value drivers and support early dialogue and payer consultation

Building multi-indication value-based pricing models as an extension of the cost-effectiveness model framework

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PACE™ models to demonstrate economic value in a policy context

The definition of ‘value’ is increasingly broad and holistic. Policymakers and payers want to understand the real impact of an intervention on clinical practice, outside of controlled environments such as clinical trials. We recognise that there is a gap between clinical practice and what is actually captured by traditional budget impact or cost-effectiveness models and so have developed the Policy, Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness (PACE™) model to bring HE modelling into the modern reimbursement landscape.

With an understanding that reimbursement decisions are based on many different criteria and that it is rarely a ‘head-to-head’ decision, the PACE™ model helps you to demonstrate the impact of your product on the market. Unlike generating a traditional ICER, the Adelphi Values PACE model™ compares your product to the entire market, not just a single comparator in the same indication.

Broader scope than traditional cost-effectiveness models, with a weighted ICER to take into account market share displacement

Joint probability of cost-effectiveness and affordability

Able to assess multiple policy scenarios relating to patient access

Able to demonstrate the wider clinical and economic impact of bringing a new product to market on an entire patient population

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Safety Profile Model™

The Safety Profile Model™ is a proprietary modelling framework to provide a stronger message about the differences in the safety profile of treatments. The model evaluates both the distribution of AEs for treatments and the total cost of the safety profile of the different products, as well as the likelihood of discontinuation and the time to event. The SPM™ therefore allows the user to evaluate the different components of a safety profile. This model can either be an add-on to a standard cost-effectiveness model or a standalone model.

A focus on the wider benefits of products during reimbursement decision making

Flexibility to tailor value messages to focus on safety profiles, especially for products with similar efficacy

An optional add-on for traditional CEMs to support the wider value story

Predicts the likelihood and timing of AEs, allowing the planning of resources to deal with them

Aids the understanding of additional messages around safety

Equi-efficacious product separation based on safety

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Value evidence synthesis and analysis

Understanding and communicating impactful value evidence has never been more important. With growing numbers of therapies being approved through fast-track processes, in addition to targeted therapies in rare diseases areas, we recognize that clinical trial data is increasingly complex and that it may require augmenting with additional evidence to meet payer needs. Our team can support with:

Conducting systematic literature reviews and indirect treatment comparisons to synthesize the available published evidence

Determining the feasibility and most appropriate approach for evidence synthesis to support market access at national and local levels

Analysing your clinical trial data to meet the needs of payers, reimbursement bodies and to ensure appropriate statistical approaches are taken for inclusion in economic models

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Treatment pathways and burden of illness models

We recognize that understanding the burden and cost of a disease, including current management and associated costs, provides a key foundation for any product value proposition and market access activity, and can inform decisions on how to transform and optimize patient pathways.

Whether this is an understanding of the overall cost of illness or an assessment of different treatment pathways through primary and secondary care, our team has expertise in defining the steps in a pathway, visualizing it and mapping the resources and costs used. In summary, we can support you with:

Visualising the current pathway to determine burden and cost of illness

Implementing scenarios to determine the impact of a pathway change, a new product approval, or introduction of a biomarker or diagnostic to target patients to a specific element of the pathway

Communicating the value of a new intervention to different payer, policy-maker and physician stakeholders

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Health economic consultancy

Adelphi Values PROVE™ helps healthcare businesses research, demonstrate and communicate the value of products and services from every perspective. We have extensive experience in developing health economic models for both global and local teams, and in performing adaptations of global models to meet local country requirements.

As experts in health economics, data analysis and modelling, our highly experienced consultants can provide strategic input to your challenges to support in defining health economic evidence needs and planning for appropriate evidence generation to meet reimbursement and payer requirements, and will deliver clear, actionable recommendations for your team.

Utility data generation

Quantifying the impact of disease on patients through the generation of utility data is a key part of evidence generation and can greatly strengthen reimbursement submissions, particularly where data from the standard utility tools such as the EQ-5D are not sensitive to change in specific patient populations.

With long-established leadership and extensive experience in direct utility elicitation studies, as well as the necessary health economic technical expertise to conduct statistical analysis and mapping of clinical trial- data, we have supported clients with the utility data generation to fill evidence gaps in economic modelling and enhance the product value proposition.

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Customised training and development services

As experts in HE and modelling, our highly experienced consultants can provide strategic input to your challenges. This includes providing customised training and development services to gain health economic and market access knowledge, skills and competencies to optimally demonstrate and communicate product value to achieve overall business objectives and goals.

For structured training programmes, we can also carry out modular training which is tailored to fit with identified needs and can be adapted for specific markets.

We recognise the importance of bespoke training, tailored to the needs of individuals and teams, and focused on delivering required measurable outcomes. Whether it be partnering in market access strategy or the delivery of specific strategic value advice and gap analyses, Adelphi Values PROVE™ can help define and implement activities that deliver success.

We have developed a suite of bespoke training and value strategy workshops to facilitate and inform value proposition development and to help you to validate and implement the market access strategy across your target audiences. Focused on addressing the needs of end users and tailored to individual market access challenges, we have developed group facilitation skills and tools to ensure participation and input to deliver agreed outcomes and plans. Our experience includes successful individual training and development workshops, focused on specific and immediate knowledge gaps, and bespoke, structured training programmes aimed at optimising performance across a team or portfolio.

Our planning and delivery of training spans the globe and includes delivery of workshops, capabilities audits, face-to-face training, strategic consultancy and local team support.

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