Gain insights on the patient’s experience of clinical trials – open access Trial Patient Feedback Questionnaire now available

In clinical trials, we put a lot of thought into asking patients how they feel about their disease. But often we neglect to ask them what they think about the trial itself. This feedback can be crucial in improving trial design and execution, and ensuring trials are patient-centric.

In order to better understand this feedback, we have partnered with Stephanie Manson at Novartis to develop the Trial Patient Feedback Questionnaire (TPFQ). It is a brief questionnaire that allows both quantitative and qualitative feedback that can be collected anonymously and in real time. This feedback can be used to both improve study design and provide constructive feedback to study sites.

This open access questionnaire and user manual is available to any researcher who is interested. To request permission for use, contact  For any other queries, please contact us or email

Stephanie is also presenting at the eye for pharma conference: Patient Centric Clinical Trials Europe in London on June 8-9.  The session on June 8 will look at ways to improve patient engagement and incorporate the patient voice to boost recruitment and retention.  Sophi Tatlock from Adelphi Values will also be attending this event and is happy to discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding patient-centered research and share with you our experience in this area.

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