Portfolio approach to value dossier development and communication

Aligning portfolio value communication through the global value dossier (GVD) and e-v@luate™ digital platform

The challenge

Our client was consolidating a portfolio across multiple oncology indications, including newly acquired products. There was no consistent approach to developing payer-focused material and for many indications work had not yet begun. Country affiliates required full support for local reimbursement and payer discussions in the form of high quality, consistent and accessible value-focused content.

The solution

We developed a programme of work that covered:
> A project plan that aligned all activities and considered portfolio milestones, data release and potential efficiencies.
> A core structure for the value dossier and supporting value proposition slide deck.
> Alignment of existing value dossier content.
> Generation of new value dossiers.
> Development of compelling value propositions for all products in all indications.
> Objection handler documentation for each product or indication.
> Hosting of all information on the Adelphi Values e-v@luate™ platform.

Key results

We delivered a programme of GVDs and supporting tactics for four products across nine indications. Repeated use of e-v@luate™ enabled easy access to current data, allowing for interrogation of the evidence and creation of tailored reports based on local requirements.

Value to the client

Following this work, all countries had access to a consistent source of up-to-date evidence to build local submissions and support payer discussions. Our client was also able to add new evidence and data analyses quickly and efficiently without the need for a full GVD update.