In-trial/exit interviews (Enhance)

In-trial/exit interviews and surveys are qualitative methods used to explore, in-depth, the patient (or other informant) perspective having participated in a clinical trial. Patient experience data collected within the context of a clinical trial can provide unique insights not always available from standalone qualitative studies. This data can provide context to trial outcomes, inform measurement strategies, future trial designs, and support modification or refinement of clinical outcome assessments (COAs). Specifically, in-trial/exit interviews and surveys can be used to:

  • Increase understanding of the patient experience of symptoms and/or medication benefits and side effects
  • Understanding treatment satisfaction and provide insights into adherence
  • Obtain feedback on clinical trial participation, including trial procedures, feasibility of COA completion and device usability
  • Generate additional qualitative evidence to support the content validity of COA instruments or refining COAs through cognitive debriefing
  • Obtaining perspectives to aid interpretation of meaningful change for COA measures

Adelphi Values have a wealth of knowledge and experience from conducting in-trial/exit interviews across a range of patient populations and clinical trial designs. We have an appreciation and comprehensive understanding of methods for obtaining patient input, logistical considerations and compliance requirements. As such we are ideally placed to help sponsors conduct interviews to a high standard; generating accurate, meaningful and valuable outputs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is reflected in our Enhance™​ service for the conduct of in-trial/exit interviews.