Developing value communication tools for a multiindication product to support market access teams

Developing communication tools to identify the unmet need, demonstrate product value, and anticipate objections from payers for each indication of an immuno-oncology treatment

The challenge

Our client was launching an immuno-oncology treatment following positive trial results. The global team needed tailored product communications across each of their indications to help local market access teams understand and covey the product value for each indication, along with anticipation of any major challenges to uptake within each indication.

The solution

For each indication, we developed a set of comprehensive payer-focused presentations based on the available literature, market insight, clinical and economic evidence, including

> Burden of disease – understanding the clinical, economic and humanistic impact of the disease and pinpointing unmet needs in the treatment pathway.
> Payer value – clinical, humanistic and economic messaging to communicate the product value to payers.
> Response to payer questions – anticipating the challenges to be raised by payers and providing a consensus response to counteract them.

To ensure that the materials were up to date, we conducted at least annual updates across the materials.

Key results

The materials provided a comprehensive and fully referenced source of individual value messages with supporting evidence and agreed responses to difficult payer questions for each indication. The materials were designed so that local teams were able to adapt the content for in-country use by selecting key messages or areas of interest to focus on. There was consistency in approach and guidance across indications to ensure that there were no conflicting messages between indications and that it was clear how to position each indication relative to the others.

Value to the client

The value communication materials provided an invaluable resource for local market access teams to guide conversations with payers, ultimately playing a key role in the successful launch of our client’s new product. Working across all the indications for this product allowed us to ensure that branding and messaging was aligned for this product and provided our client with consistent materials to be used by regional affiliates.