Developing high-impact HTA submissions for successful reimbursement and market access in lung cancer in the UK

Medical writing support, strategy and value communication to prepare highquality submissions for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence and Scottish Medicines Consortium

The challenge

Our client had developed the evidence package for a novel targeted therapy for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and was looking for a partner to support with preparation of high-impact and compelling submissions to present the evidence in a clear and accessible format. Our client recognised the need for more than just medical writing – a strong submission would be driven by strategic communication and interweaving of the value story throughout all relevant sections of the respective NICE and SMC templates.

The solution

Developing each submission required a tailored approach to ensure the evidence package was adapted appropriately to the relevant settings and templates. While a staggered approach was employed to ensure efficient incorporation of learnings and client input into the submissions, the following activities were undertaken for each submission:

> Immersion and orientation into the client’s evidence package.
> Development of a storyboard to present our proposed submission narratives.
> Filling in evidence gaps through targeted literature reviews and identifying relevant evidence for the English and Scottish settings.
> Completion of submission templates taking into consideration the strategic objectives, focusing on benefits rather than features, and ensuring concise and clear communication.
> Undertaking editorial and strategic quality checks at each draft.

Key results

Two compelling and impactful HTA submissions were produced to effectively communicate the value of our client’s product to English and Scottish payers.

Value to the client

Our medical writing expertise combined with our knowledge of HTA processes and requirements enabled our client to present their product’s evidence package in a compelling and clear manner during payer interactions. Following appraisal of each submission, both NICE and SMC recommended our client’s product for unrestricted use within the NHS.