Overcoming the challenges of developing and commercialising healthcare products and services

With a complex global healthcare market, rising development costs, limited resources, and fewer product candidates than ever before, there is a growing need to select, assess and prioritise appropriate innovation opportunities. Credible, appropriate evidence is paramount and regulatory approval is dependent upon compelling outcomes data that capture true treatment benefit, including the patient perspective. The concept of ‘market access’ and ‘payer power’ has rapidly evolved, adding complexity to reimbursement approval. Once a healthcare product or service becomes available, understanding and communicating value from a number of perspectives can help justify and optimise utilisation.

Adelphi Values can help you make better-informed development, acquisition and investment decisions through improved understanding of the value landscape. We provide advice on the types of evidence needed and how best to collect, analyse, interpret and communicate evidence, and bring years of experience in helping to deliver regulatory success. As multi-perspective experts in reimbursement and with a truly global presence, the Adelphi Values team can help you navigate value requirements around the world and communicate why and how specific products and services should reach patients.