Revance achieve all endpoints for new treatment in glabellar lines

Adelphi Values applauds Revance Therapeutics in their demonstration of RT002 treatment success in their Pivotal SAKURA Phase 3 Trials for Glabellar Lines.

Revance’s RT002 demonstrated positive top-line results in both SAKURA 1 and SAKURA 2 in patient and clinician reported outcomes associated with wrinkle severity as well as superiority in terms of patient rated treatment satisfaction.  In this program, the Adelphi Values PCO team worked with Revance in advancing the primary and secondary outcomes tools in SAKURA 1 and SAKURA 2 as well as building the regulatory documentation and evidence base to support their use as primary and secondary endpoints.  According to Alan Shields, Vice-President of Adelphi Values, “this is a very excellent milestone for Revance and aesthetic medicine as RT002 reflects a novel approach and could offer patients a different and long-acting treatment option they don’t currently have available to them.”  He further indicated, “I’m very proud of the contributions that Ben Banderas, Catherine Foley, and the rest of our Adelphi Values team had in this program. Revance is a wonderful and dedicated group of people with whom to work and we send them our congratulations on achieving this excellent milestone.”

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