A truly global team – interview with Rob Arbuckle

For me, the people who work at Adelphi Values are first and foremost what attracted me to the company, and what has kept me here. We are serious about what we do, and place a strong emphasis on the quality of our work, but within that it is a great team of fun, dynamic and intelligent people, who are always enjoyable to work with.

I have also always liked the fact that working here you get exposure to both a commercial environment but also one in which we conduct work of high academic rigour.  We are a forward thinking, dynamic and profitable company that combines strong commercial insight with good science – finding strength in both is all too rare a combination. Something else that always keeps the working day interesting and varied is the opportunity to work across numerous therapeutic areas.  While people working within pharmaceutical companies typically have to specialise in particular disease areas, at Adelphi Values it’s not uncommon to be working several very different disease areas at a given time.  The result is you are constantly learning and getting new insights, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Another strength of Adelphi Values is the fact that it is a truly global company, with integrated teams working across continents.  While other companies might pay lip-service to this idea, at Adelphi Values I believe we truly do work globally in a seamless manner.  This also gives a great balance in terms of the fact that within any one office you will be working in a relatively small team where you get to know everyone really well, but globally there is a large network of people and expertise that you can draw upon.








Rob Arbuckle
Director | Endpoint Development & Outcomes Assessment

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