A big thank you from Adelphi and Unicef

In December 2013, the Adelphi group of companies came together for the second year running to send out a Season’s Greetings message, not only to wishing recipients well for 2014, but also providing an opportunity to nominate an Adelphi donation to one of three possible initiatives:

  • WATER PUMP FOR A COMMUNITY – Providing clean, safe drinking water for a village, school or community, and helping to prevent waterborne diseases.
  • LIFE-SAVING SALTS FOR CHILDREN – Helping save the lives of hundreds of children suffering from dehydration caused by diarrhoea.
  • TETANUS VACCINES FOR CHILDREN – Helping to protect thousands of children from tetanus

As a result, Unicef have written to thank us for our support and confirmed that together we have provided: 5 water pumps, lifesaving rehydration salts for at least 1000 children and tetanus vaccines for 10,000 children.

So thank you to all our clients, associates and suppliers for taking the time to nominate and helping to change lives.

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